What are Superfoods? 

This term has been thrown around loosely for the past decade or so and some don’t even know what is categorized as a Superfood. Superfoods are nutrient-dense natural foods that typically have 3-8 times the amount of phytonutrients vs a regular healthy food item.

So why should you consume them?
With our busy lives schedules and jam packed schedules we think we are getting the needed nutrients with simply just eating “healthy”. In order for your body to actually be nourished based on what it truly needs, you would have to ingest a vast amount of “healthy foods”. Superfoods can limit the amount you consume and give you that dose just by easily adding it to your daily routine.
Where Alphovo comes in…
By designing these mixes that target specific areas of your body that are lacking the necessary fuel, you will start to feel your overall being change and progress with time by just simply adding these to your choice of meal, shake, bowl or in water.

This is where it all started after my mother became diagnosed with cancer and discovering this rare fruit. Have you ever had a Mangosteen? It’s a small dark purple fruit that resembles a dark plum (not in texture) but is unique to itself. It’s so freaking good, but have you ever been able to find it in the supermarket? I didn’t think so. I have had the pleasure of trying them raw by being on the hunt and keeping in contact with the produce buyers at the local asian markets however at $20 for a little bag and very seasonal, it’s not something you can eat everyday. After researching a lot more on this fruit I was amazed how potent its effects were. Studies have shown it to have anti-cancer properties and a very high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) as well as apoptosis of cancer cells. Now, I know you are probably skeptical but with how tasty this fruit is I could simply consume it daily!

A small green fruit, similar to a cactus pear this fruit has been a secret for quite some time. Although around for a while it’s not well promoted and has been shut out by many for its powerful testimonials. It has actually been found to produce nitric oxide which is important in circulating things such as blood to various organs. Also has been proven to reduce tumor growth and destroy free radicals. 

These little purple gems can be easily mistaken for blueberries or blackcurrants, however taste much more like blackberries. Not easy to find either. Packed with very high ORAC levels (see a pattern here in the purple mix, hence it’s so robust), its color gives off powerful free radical destroying effects. Not only that but its vital actions have an anti-inflammatory reaction on your overall system causing them to be little powerhouses within your body.

You’ve probably seen this little green leaf around and let me tell you why…because it is mighty! Its secret characteristics have been shown to reduce the risk of cancer, with its dynamic antioxidant properties killing off free radicals and boosting the immune system. It contains 3times the amount of iron compared to spinach, double the protein compared to dairy products, extremely high levels of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, potassium and the benefits keep coming. Not only that it has a pleasant smell as well as taste.

Hemp Protein
So many proteins out there, which one to use? When people hear “Hemp” they automatically think of marijuana and its effects however this is nothing like the drug. Hemp protein is the cleanest, has high levels of antioxidants, minerals, essential fatty acids, fiber, vegan and paleo friendly, non-dairy, and no chalky taste! Shall I go on?

We all are familiar with the infamous “Wheatgrass Shot” that was made popular by Jamba Juice and is still sold today. Well, the same goes for this green grass that looks like its growing in your backyard but it’s not the same. Wheatgrass has a very strong taste by itself and you need a juicer to create that “shot” however in its dried state mixed with other ingredients you would never know you were consuming it. This plant is loaded with Vitamins A, C and E, iron, magnesium, calcium, and high antioxidants that prevent cell damage… Hmmm maybe my aunt was on to something when she would make me take a shot of this as a kid.

Yacon Root
Roots have been those vegetables that no one likes to boast about. Maybe that’s why all those roots never get any praise hiding in the dirt? Until recently studies have been proving these “hidden” gems to hold tremendous benefits due to absorbing all their nutrients from the soil (which above the ground vegetables cannot do). Multiple countries around the globe have been relying and consuming these for centuries and discovered their secret powers. Yacon root is a good carbohydrate replenishment for your body that creates a satisfactory full feeling, rich in electrolytes, salts, starch and acts as a natural sweetener that has been found to be beneficial for those with diabetes.

Bananas are fairly cheap and abundant and have been known to have great effects for recovery. Loaded with potassium, fiber, Vitamin B6, boosts energy, maintains healthy glucose levels and aides in digestion. The mixture along with the other ingredients makes it that much more powerful by activating each other’s properties. Also adds a little sweet taste! We all need a little more sweetness in our lives!

This vibrant spice common in India is not only potent in color (careful don’t get it on your clothes) but also for you body. I’ve been consuming this stuff for years and have noticed that after all my workouts I truly didn’t ache as much as turmeric has very powerful anti-inflammatory effects. It has been known to help those with arthritis problems, Alzheimer’s, cancer as well as help prevent heart disease. This stuff is truly pure “golden” magic that has a dominant smell and taste but mixed with the right ingredients you would never know while still reaping the benefits.


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