Nutrition in Expecting Mothers

Nutrition in Expecting Mothers

As most of you know why my nephew, Nicky plays a big role in this entire brand and what it stands for I also wanted to focus on the importance of nutrition for expecting mom’s as well as mothers.

Lately I’ve been reading this book called “Deep Nutrition” by Dr. Shanahan and it discusses how pregnant women lack about 80% of the actual nutrition they need. While the child is forming and growing it takes up many nutrients and energy from the mother and normally some moms just eat a little more (the question is what do they eat?) or pop excess amount of supplements (which ones and are they sufficient or just excreted?). Now I’m not a doctor and every expecting mom is different but getting these nutrients on a micro level 10weeks prior to birth can make a significant impact.

I am not a mother but we all know every expecting mom goes through various changes, mental, physical, emotional, hormonal and so on. Nutrition plays a key role during these fragile moments for both the mother as well as the baby. So how does one know they are getting the sufficient nutrients they need? Most moms change habits and "give up" many foods and beverages for the sake of the child however is that enough? 

While the baby is forming the mother is being depleted of these essential nutrients she needs just to sustain her own body. So how can she refuel her body? Would she have to consume double, triple or even more the amount of healthy foods she is already consuming? She could but that would just result in weight gain, nausea, heartburn, higher risk for cholesterol, diabetes, and other health concerns. 

This is where the power of superfoods can make a huge impact. By figuring out the properties that these powerful ingredients contain and knowing which ones to add to your diet, one can get these doses with simple powders or additions to a meal.  To get to know which ones would benefit what you're lacking, you can read more about them under "About" ->"Superfoods". 

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