It's all a Journey...

It's all a Journey...

Today I hit the kitchen (finally!) to package all the goods that people have ordered. I have been wanting to get back in here for months!

Sometimes these things have timing of their own because if you are familiar with what goes on behind the scenes it's a wave of events and a domino effect. If one thing is missing from Part A then you cannot complete Part B which you cannot skip to Part C or maybe you can skip to Part E but with the missing links it will still not work.

I set out on this journey not fully knowing what to expect and although it is stressful as I am the only one running everything from being a janitor to the CEO/Owner it definitely has its tough times but would I trade it back for another job...nope.

I only begun this journey and continue to have hope. I think about my mother each day and why I started this, how I want to honor her and make her proud. She is the starting block to all of this and the movement I want to start with these powders by creating a community, a place for knowledge and education on various topics involving cancer, diseases, health, fitness, mothers, soon to be mothers and anyone else looking to make their life better. 

So let's get these products out there, start spreading the information and grow this brand! 

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